Hi, I'm Fiona, a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 15 years of clinical experience, and a private practice in beautiful Victoria, BC. 

It's natural for us to seek safety, security and comfort; however, there are often obstacles in our way that prevent us from moving freely through life. I'll help you learn to tolerate discomfort so that you can achieve emotional homeostasis and move more fluidly through life with meaning and purpose. We'll work on ways to help stop intrusive thoughts, soften overwhelming feelings, and create a strong sense of safety in self and in the world. 


I support women (she/her/they) who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and any measure of trauma, either in-person, or virtually.


Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health

For expecting, new, and experienced moms who are looking to reconcile experiential and relational wounds in a safe environment, largely through the lens of somatic, attachment, mindfulness and cognitive-based frameworks.   

Anxiety and Depression

For anyone who is experiencing some of life's many stressors.  Anxiety and depression can show up in many different ways, and we can work together to help you soften intense thoughts and feelings so you can cope more effectively and thrive.  

Grief and Trauma

Loss can come in many forms, and the experience of grief is different for everyone.  Working from a variety of modalities meant to help you process deep wounding, I can help you manage the impact of past or present day traumas.