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Anxiety and Depression: General Practice

Sometimes, life can be tough, and it can be difficult to manage the stress you feel in your body, and the relentless chatter in your mind.  Being able to respond differently to stressful events in your life is a learned skill, one that takes time and consistent practice.  Together, we can work towards:

  • managing rumination

  • stopping unwanted or intrusive thoughts

  • identifying unhelpful patterns of thinking like catastrophizing or labelling

  • identifying triggers 

  • turning reactions into responses

  • unlearning maladaptive reactions to real or perceived threat

  • practicing mindfulness and cultivating compassion

  • observing thoughts instead of engaging

  • identifying core beliefs and mindsets that keep you stuck

  • softening the nervous system

  • calming the body

  • more effective communication with others

  • a more compassionate narrative within self


Tailored to meet your goals, these are just a few of the things we can work on to help you manage anxious thoughts and symptoms of depression. 


Sad on Couch

Individual Sessions

$175 +GST

(60 Min)

*My fees are covered by most extended health care plans and I will always give you a receipt for reimbursement at the end of our session.  

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