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For C-Suite Executives, Founders, and High- Performance Professionals

As a C-suite Executive, Founder or other High-Performance professional, the demands of both the day-to-day operations and the strategic planning of your business can be all encompassing. As exciting as this work can be, it can also quickly become overwhelming and unsustainable.


Chronic stress and activation, a mind that won’t stop, and interpersonal/intrapersonal pressure can result in a challenging work environment, poor outcomes, burnout or organizational collapse, not to mention the negative impact on relationships and family members.   


Blending Neuropsychology, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Organizational Psychology and Cognitive-based frameworks, I can help you:


  • establish continuity of communication more effectively across the organization

  • improve engagement from team members

  • manage your time more efficiently

  • establish a healthy, inclusive corporate culture

  • foster creativity and innovation

  • achieve realistic balance in work and personal life

  • establish alignment, focus, and dedication to a single vision/mission

  • reduce discrepancy between persona and authentic personality

  • prioritize diet, sleep and exercise

  • reduce conflict and tension with co-workers

  • set better boundaries with self and others

  • improve productivity and workflow



By no means is this an extensive list of the benefits of learning to lead from within, but it's a good start.  


Each organization will have different needs, and together, we'll tailor a plan that works for you (individual meetings, with teams, groups, departments etc) and the goals of the organization.  Please reach out to  for a complimentary consultation to discuss the scope of our work together.  

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